Can You Draw

Have you ever taken a pen or a pencil and just scribbled some weird patterns that made no sense to you? If you are a little creative or artistic, those patterns would be something a person could recognize. So what are you doing really? Drawing! Yes it is that simple, everyone can draw. Whether it makes sense or is recognizable is a whole different discussion.

Why do we draw? Well, we see a lot of things in our everyday lives and our brain remembers most of it. We just don’t realize scrabble cheater. When we are too busy working on something familiar, the brain is used to processing those thoughts and we complete the task without much trouble.

However, if we were required to something new or out of our comfort zone, our brain needs some time to getting adjusted to it. Also, we need to think and mull over the work in hand and it cannot be done like your routine work. If you had a pen in your hand and a piece of paper in front of you, more often than not, you will find yourself drawing something. If these are just simple patters that make no sense, it can be called a doodle.

Some people prefer doodling while their brains are busy thinking and coming up with ideas. Many do this as a habit while many don’t realize what they are doing. But almost everyone is drawing. Even a small child can do it and in fact they are more fond of drawing than adults.