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World of Tanks Blitz MMO review

Are you tired of classic MMOs with sorcery and blade fights, heavily influenced by Tolkien’s legacy? Do the identical mobile shooters make you yawn in a fatigued manner? Are you dreaming of something more realistic, ruthless and brutal?

In case you gave a confirmative nod then we have some really good news for you: World of Tanks Blitz will bring brand new impressions into your gaming experience.


The visual aspect of the game can be described by a single word: terrific. Every tank model and every map has been designed with cautious attention to the smallest details.

Oasis palms, old decrepit trucks, rusty gasoline cisterns, ruined buildings, scorched earth, and melancholic yellow autumn grass soaked with raindrops… All these decorations naturally guarantee you a deeper immersion in the battle atmosphere.

Add picturesque explosions and some realistic sound effects, and by the time you rack up your first 10 hours of playing WoTB, you’ll feel like an old war veteran, who looked death in the face more than once...

The tank models are not just shaped and colored with precision – they are actual reconstructions of real-life war machines.

Compare Japanese Type 98 Ke-Ni or Russian T-50 to their real-life prototypes and be amazed by the accuracy. It looks like they spend a fat portion of the budget on qualified consultants.

The core of WoTB

WoTB is a younger cousin of World of Tanks, available on iOS and Android.

World of Tanks (if you never heard of it) is an MMO, in which players, from Poland to China, participate in colossal tank-battles. They have a ton of arenas, tank models, customization options, etc.

Basically, WoTB is the same, only in an “abridged” version. After signing up, you can get in the multiplayer action and become a part of a tank battalion (up to 7 players each).

There’s one mode so far – a standard battle – but a number of locations and tank models is just stunning. Apart from 20 enormous arenas, you get 250 death-bringing machines of three types (light, medium, heavy), representing various counties from Germany and the USA to UK and USSR.

Every tank has its original features:

  • Vulnerable spots and armor.
  • Speed/agility.
  • Cannon control.
  • Firepower etc.

I can say that every tank is unique and demands some thoughtful learning of its weak/strong sides. But put the worries aside – the game doesn’t turn into a classroom. Instead, it makes you think like a real tactician.

The gameplay is simple: wipe all of your foes out/secure the checkpoints. Your triumph brings you XP points and silver that can be spent on buying new tanks, upgrades, tank-slots, repair kits, etc. Your personal division may have up to 6 tanks.

The game is free, and it doesn’t offer you any pay-to-win features. But it gently reminds you after every victorious match that there could be a bigger pile of silver if you splashed out for a Premium account.


Classic 3D shooter controls with auto-aiming that sometimes ruin your plans badly (can be disabled).

The only major shortcoming is that the fire button gets frozen all of a sudden from time to time, due to reasons unknown.

The Sentence

World of Tanks Blitz is one of the most carefully balanced and finely created games. It combines the innocent fun of destruction, and a slight intellectual challenge, which when put together form a perfect game. The battle calls!


  • Unorthodox setting
  • Mature fan community
  • An abundance of playable tanks (a collectors’ paradise)


  • Requires a lot of space (3 GB)
  • Drains the battery quickly
  • The connection must be seamless otherwise lags will undermine your triumph

Graphics and Sound 5

Controls 4

Gameplay 5

Lasting Appeal 5

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