Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2
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Temple Run 2 review

Temple Runs 2 continues the saga of risky adventures and energetic, acrobatic stunts started by its predecessor. I don’t hesitate to say that it’s that remarkable case when a sequel is actually much better than the original game.

This statement can be backed up by the number of downloads across Android and iOS: it advances to the stunning 1 billion marks.


It’s the pivotal characteristic of the sequel – better, sharper more detailed graphics.

I’m very restrained about praising games, but the combination of finely drawn locations, smooth physics and swift action made quite a positive impression on me.

For example, the map titled Lost Jungle astonished me with its cartoonishly lovely and at the same time realistic elements. A giant snake’s skin, blazing torches, golden statues of lions – this kaleidoscope of quickly changing imagery with a colorful palette and winding landscapes shows how much work and soul the artists put into their creation.

Although I must mention that all this flamboyant feast for your eyes slows down the overall performance of the game – make sure your device has at least 1 GB RAM otherwise you won’t run from the glitchy Fps.

The core of the Temple Run 2

In case you stumbled upon this game recently and wanna know what the entire hubbub is about, well...
TR 2 as a good successor carries on the legacy of the first game. It belongs to its own genre of a “never-ending runner”. Your virtual avatar seems to be powered up by an awful load of energetic drinks – at least this explains his unquenchable thirst for running.

Your mission here is to let your hero run for as long as possible by jumping over gaps, avoiding bumping into trees, stones, not getting eaten by a diabolical toothy fish, or caught by a giant demonic baboon.

To escape the monotony of that process the gameplay offers you: 

  • A bit challenging obstacles that tend to pop up out of nowhere.
  • Mine-cart riding.
  • Collecting coins and gems.
  • Unlocking and upgrading new heroes.

Speaking of heroes – you have 4 main characters with additional 16 heroes to be bought for coins/gems. Every character has their signature superpower (Magnet, Shield, Boost Distance, etc.) and a personality expressed through humorous quotes. 
Among these zany characters you’ll find: 

  • Montana Smith – an obvious nod to Indiana Jones.
  • Bruce Lee – with his trademark nunchaku.
  • Usain Bolt – has a super-combo.
  • A suspicious Viking named Frostbeard etc.

Every time you die you have to start the game all over again as long as you have emeralds (a.k.a. green gems) in your inventory.

The game has an element of competition with its own boards of champions available online. No wonder that top places on these boards are occupied by rather generous donators since they can have as many green gems as they can only afford. In-game purchases starting at $1, hit the $95 mark eventually.

Needless to say that such inequality creates a slight resentment in the fan-community but it doesn’t mean that you have no chances to make it to the top ranks for free: the skills still play a major part in the game.


Temple Run 2 inherited the classic controls based on simple swiping/tilting.

  • Swipe up = jumping.
  • Swipe left/right = turning.
  • Swipe down = sliding.
  • Tilting = mine-cart control.

I guess the QA of the game is on a good payroll because the well-functioning of the controls deserves five stars (I hope I don’t jinx it).

The Sentence

The best proof of how entertaining this game lies in its astounding success. So why don’t you let the spirit of adventure carry you away?


  • Highly addictive
  • Rich graphics
  • A broad set of characters


  • Highly addictive (it’s bad too)
  • Pay-to-win features
  • It demands a powerful device

Graphics and Sound 4

Controls 5

Gameplay 4

Lasting Appeal 5

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