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Temple Run
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Temple Run review

Temple Run along with Subway Surfers helped the “endless runner” genre skyrocket to fame & fortune and conquer BILLIONS of hearts of mobile device users across the globe.

Initially released in 2011, TR since then got a sequel, earned critical acclaim, and of course provided infinite hours of joy to its fans.


The graphics of Temple Run for 2011 were a sensation indeed. We had surprisingly detailed sceneries, realistic acrobatics, smooth but occasionally laggy Fps, and picturesque settings.

The bizarre scenery of the game perfectly captured the spirit of an adventure in a faraway exotic location with mysterious idols made of gold, tropical trees, and vines and eerie, morbid creatures pursuing the main character for reasons unexplained.

The only considerable shortcoming of the first Temple Run was that from to time obstacles and decorations would materialize in front of your running avatar with a delay which damaged both the progress and integrity of the gaming process. And it doesn’t look like the latest update of the first part did anything with that. Plus they removed a coin bar leaving me no choice but yell: Why-y-y?!

However, Temple Run 2 had this bug fixed in addition to getting fleshier, juicier and more eye-catching visuals.

The core of the Temple Run

Your avatar in this world of quirky adventures is Guy Dangerous – supposedly a long-lost nephew of Indiana Jones. He’s dexterous, fearless, and cunning and he has a thirst for running (and also stealing sacred relics).

Basically what you’re supposed to do is to jump over/slide under obstacles, dodge from blasted booby traps, rapidly skedaddle from infernal monkey-eagle hybrids, and collect coins and gems.

The coins are required for:

  • Completing a mysterious mural – 100 coins for a piece of it.
  • Unlocking and acquiring new characters.
  • Buying extra lives.
  • Activating special power-ups.

All in all, you have 7 playable characters from barefoot Guy Dangerous and his female alter-ego Scarlett Fox to a bulky football jock named Zack Wonder. Compare it to the expanded character list from Temple Run 2 with 20 playable heroes, some of whom display endearing eccentricity: a mighty Valkyrie-like Freya Coldheart alone is enough to mention.

Power-ups are used to stimulate your progress, they can be upgraded up to the 5th level and include:

  • Coin power-up – helps you earn some extra-monies.
  • Coin magnet – attracts coins automatically.
  • Invisibility – makes you immune to smashing the hero’s skull against an obstacle and falling down the gaps/pits. It is short-lived.
  • Boost – sort of autopilot. The hero, controlled by the AI, runs at double speed and cannot die as long as it lasts. Shortly before the effect wears off your avatar slows down a bit signaling that time of idleness is over.
  • Coin Values – a passive and whimsical superpower that changes the value of the coins collected.

In other words, Temple Run retains all of the qualities a good time-killer needs to have.


Temple Run employs the classic control formula for a runner game based on tilting and swiping:

  • Swipe up to jump. 
  • Swipe left/right to turn. 
  • Swipe down to glide under an obstacle.
  • Tilt to make the hero move from one side to another.

As a bonus, these controls are designed impeccably and almost never fail you.

The Sentence

Temple Run pt. 1 is a great game for brain relaxation, but it became morally outdated after its sequel was released. But again it’s up to you to decide which game to enjoy.


  • It gives you hours of free entertainment
  • It’s picturesque
  • It develops your focus of attention


  • Outrageous energy consumption
  • Occasional visual lags
  • Ads overdosage

Graphics and Sound 5

Controls 5

Gameplay 4

Lasting Appeal 5

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