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Talking Tom Gold Run review

What could possibly be more adorable than a little kitty-cat driven by the lust for collecting gold?

Talking Tom – a furry hero loved by millions of kids across the world – gets himself a runner game, apparently intending to milk the genre taken to stardom by Temple Run.


This is a game designed specifically for children - it’s needless to explain why it looks so infantile but at the same time happy.
The amazing Talking Tom lives in a very eye-friendly world with bright and juicy colors, structures made of cotton-candy, and toy-like vehicles dodging to and fro. The scenery consists of flamboyant decorations and obstacles that change too rapidly, and all this glittery mishmash is accompanied by a funky soundtrack.

Be warned if you’re above the age of 12, most likely you won’t be into the visual aesthetics of TT Gold Run. Temple Run - the game which inspired this primary school’s sensation – offers a more mature approach.

After playing it, I felt like I needed to check my blood sugar – its cute but toothless settings contain too much saccharine, although technically they are seamless.

The core of the Talking Tom Gold Run

Meet Tom – an adorable and a bit mischievous kitty-cat- who became famous thanks to a Tamagotchi-like game.

This time Tom and a couple of his friends - Angela, Ginger, Ben etc. - go on an adventure together. Tom – rather too wise financially – kept his savings in gold. But one day it was stolen from him by a malicious thief (a possible reference to Federal Reserve System?). And your mission is to bring it all back making Tom happy again.

Runner game is probably the easiest mobile genre to master, and in Tom’s case, it’s nothing new. You jump over or slide under barriers, avoid bumping into trucks, collect gold coins and every once in a while utilize a temporary super-power (e.g. a magnet that attracts coins).

Despite his happy appearance, Tom persistently demonstrates suicidal tendencies running into oncoming traffic which made me think that his cheerful smile could be deceptive.

You can spend your honestly earned gold on:

  • Unlocking new characters that happen to be Tom’s friends.
  • Upgrading Tom’s house – from a humble suburban house, it gradually turns into a mansion with a swimming pool. Obviously, Tom has a soft spot for luxury.

Unfortunately, the game has a limited number of locations:

  • Urbanistic areas.
  • An exotic island.
  • A ski resort.
  • Something that looks like a sewage system.
  • A gingerbread village.

And there you have it. After you try all of these settings, they will just run in circles like an old broken record. To make it a bit different you can unlock (for gold) various skins that Tom and his friends will be more than glad to wear.

Every time you bump into an obstacle, you start all over again losing one life. To bring Tom back to the life you’ll have to spend some gems that cannot be earned in the game. Purchases start at $0.25 and end at roughly $110, but I don’t think that you’ll be interested in buying anything.


Controls are basically mimicking those from Temple Run/Subway Surfers and are based on swiping, tapping and occasionally tilting (when Tom flies a miniature jet).

You won’t have much trouble with them.

The Sentence

This game is a good time-killer for kids but not adults. Grotesquely naïve settings, characters and repetitive gameplay will make you yawn after about 20 minutes.


  • Gaudy and colorful graphics
  • Cute, adventurous kitty-cats
  • Overall positive vibe


  • Ads dominate the free version of the game
  • A scarce number of locations
  • Tom never catches the perpetrator

Graphics and Sound 5

Controls 5

Gameplay 5

Lasting Appeal 4

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