Star Traders: Frontiers

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Star Traders: Frontiers review

Star Traders: Frontiers is a turn-based RPG game by Trese Brothers indie game studio. In this massive game, you can experience commanding a spaceship in different roles, such as a space pirate, a bounty hunter, and many others. You have to gain experience and face multiple enemies to set control in the galaxy. You can download Star Traders: Frontiers for any of your Android devices.


Star Traders: Frontiers game visuals are based on design guidelines of such great games about space as StarCraft and Eve Online. The interface and models of spacecraft look very stylish, and the variety of colorful sci-fi buttons is there to make every space game fan happy. The only thing that makes the whole experience less pleasant is character design. They look too comic.


Star Traders: Frontiers gameplay is rather complicated, which is not typical for mobile role-playing games. The setting of the game is usual for the genre. You find yourself in a boundless unknown universe that faced a global crisis. Political and economic strifes made everyone scatter around to gain power and defeat rivals one by one. Humanity has to solve its internal problems and unite against fierce alien invaders.

Similarly to other RPGs, you can choose your class and become a space merchant, pirate, commandos, a headhunter, and many others. Each type provides unique gameplay features including ship improvements, vitality, and others. There are so many particular qualities that it’s impossible to fit their descriptions in this Star Traders: Frontiers review. 

Choose your class and head to space as a commander of a spaceship. On your way, you will face other humans and aliens. You always have a choice to fight them or reach agreements. The narrative flow depends on your decisions.


Star Traders: Frontiers latest version controls became slightly more clear, but they are still a bit not typical for mobile games, so you have to spend a few minutes to get accustomed. In general, it’s easy enough to control a ship. You have to tap locations to reach them and choose attacks when it’s your turn to fire. That’s it.

Replay Value

Star Traders: Frontier's full game is a long-playing experience with flexible scenarios. You can play for different factions and take various decisions, so it’s rather exciting to replay the game to see what could happen if you change the attitude.

The Bottom Line

Star Traders: Frontiers RPG game is recommended for avid fans of games about space. It’s a one of a kind turn-based game for Android devices so it may be a great achievement for a space lover to complete it. 


Download Star Traders: Frontiers and dive into the endless world of interstellar clashes. This game has nearly everything that space theme fans love because they made it.


  • Very flexible narrative
  • Enormous universe
  • Many factions
  • You can make different decisions
  • Exciting character progress system


  • No multiplayer
  • Characters are a bit funny

Graphics and Sound 5

Controls 4

Gameplay 5

Lasting Appeal 5

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