Sniper: Traffic Hunter

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Sniper: Traffic Hunter review

Of all the jams that exist – fruit, music, Space jams, etc. – traffic jams are the most hated ones. And rightfully so – whenever you’re stuck in this monstrosity it seems like the time itself stopped moving turning it from a mild nuisance into nightmarish torture.

Sniper: Traffic Hunter will help you have revenge on the road traffic and show it who the bloody boss is here.


Your experience with this marvelous game starts in a rather unpretentious and somewhat crude, apathetic menu that allows you 4 options to choose from:

  • Exit – pretty unoptimistic option to start a game menu with.
  • Options.
  • Shop.
  • Play.

And that’s all. Apart from a poorly rendered sniper rifle, blank dark background, game’s title in an unpalatable font and a generic hip-hop/chill-out beat that doesn’t reflect the essence of a supposed-to-be violent game in the slightest.

After you hit the play-option things get a little bit better. We see a suburban-like setting, possibly inspired by Wales with a couple of neat tiny cottages, hills covered with emerald grass, and a busy highway.

The vehicle models – including swift runabouts, vans, SUVs, long and massive buses, and small, accurate trucks – can boast of decent quality regarding both rendering and physics.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said about the sniper-rifle model which looks more like a cheap plastic toy than an intimidating weapon of destruction. At least the zooming option works finely, and the objects magnified by the sniper scope do not turn into a pixelated mishmash.

The sound effects are quite plausible – the shot, explosion, and reload sounds complement the gaming process nicely, but you can definitely feel how it lacks the sound of the cars passing by which undermines the general atmosphere.
All in all the game looks and sounds austere.

The core of the Sniper: Traffic Hunter

Your crusade consists of one and only noble goal – eliminating vehicles tirelessly flickering to and fro on the highway.

Apparently, you’re armed with a miraculous sniper rifle, delivered to you straight from a government’s secret laboratory and charged with soviet plutonium bullets since every time you snipe a luckless automobile it explodes in the middle of a road leaving no trace of its previous existence.

And to be honest this is everything the game has to entertain you with. You got no discernable objectives, no elaborate and convoluted missions, and no plotline that could possibly shed some light on why exactly you need to vaporize these tragic vehicles along with people inside of them.

It would be much more enjoyable, delightful, and pleasant if you had to snipe the actual driver or at least could put the certain car parts out of the commission, causing it to drift in a desperate fashion, awarding you with good jolly laughter.

But unfortunately, all the challenge that this insipid sniper-simulator can produce comes down to a chronometer that discourteously urges you to pull the trigger faster and faster for the sake of gaining a bigger and mournful harvest of blown-up cars each time.

So be warned – 20 minutes max, and you’ll be bored out of your mind.

The game is free, since charging money for it would be a CRIMINAL OFFENCE but you should prepare yourself for ferocious ads.


You have a directional pad and fire/zoom-in buttons. Not a brainer but also not exactly an epitome of ergonomic convenience. They feel pretty stiff and uncomfortable.

The Sentence

If this game has been designed by a rookie, then its poor entertainment value is forgivable. But the space it requires should be spent on something more useful.


  • Android devices support
  • It's free
  • Nothing else


  • Dull gameplay
  • No missions
  • Ads infestation

Graphics and Sound 4

Controls 3

Gameplay 3

Lasting Appeal 3

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