Sniper 3d Assassin 2020: Real City Shooter Offline

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Sniper 3d Assassin 2020: Real City Shooter Offline review

Have you ever fantasized about what it’s like to be a highly skilled marksman? Pulling the trigger and seeing your victim’s head burst like a ripe watermelon?

If you have then Sniper 3D Assassin will be more than happy to satisfy your lust for such an activity.


The looks of the game are acceptable. The decorations and NPCs are merely an abstraction, but they give you a good atmosphere of a busy day in a big city. We can see bus stops, hotdog-stands, shop signs, etc.

They are complemented with pedestrians and cars running to and fro. Although if you take a closer look, you’ll see that there are only three vehicle models colored blue, red, and white – pretty sloppy. 

The riflescope has a smooth zooming option, and the NPC models do not become blurry or pixelated, while you’re observing them through it. Each time you send a bullet to your target’s cranium the camera switches to slow-mo, carefully following the little death-bringer and awarding you with juicy blood spatters.

When taking a shot, you can hear a woman screaming, which neatly illustrates panic. However, you hear that same sound even if the target walks down an empty street. It looks like the authors wanted to give you a game experience as vivid as possible but later gave up on that.

The Core of the Sniper 3D Assassin

The game has no plotline. You receive your instructions from a nameless man who cosplays Naked Snake and never tells you whom you’re doing the job for. After all, you could be implementing the psychotic whims of a maniac, you know.

Your objective is to snipe various targets down: from a random guy in a yellow baseball cap to a bunch of convicts who escaped from a prison bus. If you do a headshot – you earn more money that unlocks more rifles and further levels.

And of course, you don’t wanna miss: reloading takes about 4 secs, and the poor shooting greatly hinders your progress.

I don’t know who wrote the game script but some of the tasks seem to be laughable. In one of the missions you’re supposed to eliminate two villains who smuggle endangered species – is it even legal to use such a drastic measure? I wonder why the game has no mission of gunning down people who don’t pay the parking tickets.

But all of these complaints are outweighed by the publisher’s avarice. Since the latest update, this title has turned into a one big money-leech. 

Unless you pay:

  • You can’t go PVP or win tournaments.
  • About 1/3 of all levels will be locked.
  • You won’t get any top-tier rifles.

You can earn some bonuses watching the ads, but I’m not sure if you’re ready to invest in that dubious activity a few hours per day.

I don’t know how to justify that kind of greed when the game is crawling with glitches:

  • Players do not get awarded the points they earned in the multiplayer.
  • When purchasing an item sometimes you get nothing for your own cash.
  • Getting disconnected during a tournament isn’t a rarity.

And I don’t even wanna talk about gasoline barrels used by the bad guys as a cover, apathetic behavior of the targets when you‘re shooting at them, etc.

The only thing I liked is that you have to search for the target yourself – there are no pointers, only an appearance description.


The zoom button works well enough, but the “fire” and “reload” buttons are located too close to each other. As a result you can start reloading by accident instead of shooting thus losing precious time.

The Sentence

Sniper 3D could be the best sniper-action game for mobile devices if its authors focused on perfecting it instead of indulging their insatiable money lust.


  • Visuals are decent
  • It runs on iOS/Android
  • It’s free to download


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Graphics and Sound 3

Controls 3

Gameplay 5

Lasting Appeal 5

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