Rope Hero: Vice Town

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Rope Hero: Vice Town review

Soar like a Rocket Man, climb up skyscrapers like Spiderman, smash everything around you like the Incredible Hulk, and get run over by a bicycle and die in agony like a shrew.

This is Rope Hero Vice Town – brutal, paradoxical, strange.


Okay, Rope Hero’s graphics gave me sorta mixed feelings. On the one hand it’s barely Vice City, even when launched on PC. On the other hand the in-game map – although not as broad as you’d want it to be – has been designed with remarkable meticulousness.

We have all types of buildings - from single-story houses to Babylon tower-like skyscrapers, imitating the most prominent tall buildings that NY and other American megalopolises are famous for. But once you get too far from them, they turn into grey silhouettes.

The vehicle and NPC models can boast of acceptable quality as well – even their plastic looks don’t spoil the overall picture. Moreover, the graphics are adjustable in case your device lacks enough RAM.

Physics of Rope Hero is its central advantage – either you do a “rope flight” or pull a vehicle towards yourself – it looks breathtakingly awesome.

But still, a certain portion of absurdity is unavoidable: our hero can kick a police SUV and make it fly through the air like it’s an inflatable toy, but at the same time he falls clumsily on the ground whenever he gets hit by a bicycle. This controversy really made me raise my brows.

The sound effects immerse you in an urbanistic atmosphere well enough.

The core of the R.H.V.T.

You start off as a nameless hero dressed in a latex suit similar to those that are worn by Mexican wrestlers or BDSM enthusiasts.

According to the poorly written plotline, this suit endows our hero with super powers but in turn, takes all of his memories as a toll. And now you’re on the quest of discovering the Rope Hero’s identity, which includes wrecking the city, intimidating passersby, killing dope-pushers and police officers on duty.

I don’t know either it’s an intended irony or lack of a professional writer, but all the dialogues in the game inundate you with a frightening vacuousness. Regularly you just run into a random guy who asks you to kill someone for him as if it was an ordinary request like buying milk in a grocery store.

Throughout the game your only trustworthy companion will be a magical rope that can help you:

  • Get to the top of the tallest building.
  • Snatch people or vehicles.
  • Save your life in a shootout.

Apart from the rope, you can utilize a number of weapons:

  • Grenade launcher.
  • Gatling gun.
  • Human flesh disintegrator.
  • M-16. 
  • Meat hatchet.

And other bizarre tools of destruction.

The vehicles range from a kid’s bicycle to a Lamborghini and even a military helicopter, and I gotta admit they are easy to control. Plus you get two radio-stations: Rooster FM (obscure hip-hop) and Discharge (smth like classic DnB).

Once your mischief gets out of hand, the police arrive at the scene to turn you into a tea strainer but do not expect SWAT, tanks, and national guards to join the party, like in GTA. They won’t come.

The game is free, but you can spend up to $121 on extra stamina/power-ups.


Controls vary a bit:

  • Hero controls – the directional pad (left), attack/mount a vehicle/jump buttons (right).
  • Vehicle controls – wheel (L.), gas/brakes pedals (R.).
  • Helicopter piloting – take-off/landing, steering (L.), right (R.).

They seem to be smooth as long as you don’t have to do some frenzy action (shooting a bunch of cops) – in that case, you’ll need very agile fingers.

The Sentence

I sincerely enjoyed the rope action, but it’s not enough. The game needs a more elaborate plotline, more humorous dialogues, tenacious enemies, challenging missions and exploding helicopters. So far it’s decent but half-baked.


  • A satisfactory GTA substitute
  • Great customization
  • Occupies roughly 100 MB


  • Poor backing story
  • Monotonous missions
  • Free roam becomes boring quickly

Graphics and Sound 5

Controls 4

Gameplay 5

Lasting Appeal 5

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