Pixel Gun 3D: FPS Shooter & Battle Royale

Pixel Gun 3D: FPS Shooter & Battle Royale
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Pixel Gun 3D: FPS Shooter & Battle Royale review

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I said that there are a gazillion FPS games for mobile platforms. We have a cinematic-like and dramatic Modern Combat: Blackout, funnily asinine Guns of Boom, and many other noteworthy Android/iOS titles.
Pixel Gun 3D looks like another spawn of Minecraft, but it offers no meditative gameplay of mining resources & crafting objects.


Cuboid skies, woods, cemeteries, assault rifles… It’s hard to expect something else from a game designed to capitalize on Minecraft’s success. In fact, you can’t get rid of a thought that you’re playing an M-craft spin-off or an expansion pack with extra brutality put in it.

There’s sorta a sentimental vibe in this game for those who treasure old-school shooters. Everything around you is so heavily pixelated that you can’t help but reminisce legendary Doom and Wolfenstein with their poor detalization.

However, the game still remains an HD-game with acceptable physics and animation. Visual effects lack precision – for example bullet traces are depicted as abstract lines just hung in the air. But what do you expect from a mobile game?

The Core of the Pixel Gun 3D

It’s a shamelessly conspicuous shooter if it’s possible to say so. No plotlines, no dramatic backstory, no radically new elements. It’s just an innocent delight of cute murdering.

You have three modes to enjoy: Campaign, Co-op Survival, and Multiplayer. 

Campaign - every neophyte must accomplish the introductory tutorial before making it further in the game. After you’re done with learning the basics (controls, shooting, styles, etc.), you’ll have to face an armada of eerie monsters: living corpses, chainsaw doctors, republican Bushes sapient predatory bushes, and so on.

Co-op Survival – you and your friends/random people kill monsters to gain the biggest score.

Multiplayer - offers you death-matches with actual people on 9 arenas in total (more arenas are still under construction).

There are a couple of elements Pixel Gun 3D inherited from Minecraft’s DNA though:

  • Craftable weaponry – for that perk a certain amount of medals must be earned (somewhat like in-game currency) that will consequently unlock various weapon parts.
  • Customizable skins – I saw characters that bore a resemblance to A. Einstein, the Kiss bandmates, SW Stormtroopers, green creepers, etc. You can stylize your pixelated avatar’s appearance drawing inspiration basically from anywhere. 
  • Iconic M-Craft’s pickaxe – sort of a sacred relic.
  • Annoying online community – that’s where you can unleash your trolling. 
  • Pets – from a tiny T-Rex to a Zombie Cat these guys will be your best buddies, fighting on your side whenever you need their help.

To top it off, you can transmit all of your personal skins to your Minecraft account through Mojang. Neat!
As for the purchases, well… if you want a top-notch weapon to carry it around proudly, then prepare to part with up to $180.


As in any other shooter, you have movement buttons (left) and a fire button (right). Left-handed people (me) luckily can switch the button sides.

To be honest my fingers were quite stiff after 30 minutes of non-stop playing that’s why I’d recommend using a stand-alone controller if you’re serious about Pixel Gun 3D.

The Sentence

Although the game has a strong Minecraft influence, it’s completely independent. It looks a bit raw and undercooked and needs more time to become complete. It works finely as a time-killer though.


  • The app is free
  • Your skins are compatible with Minecraft
  • You have helpful pets at your disposal


  • Idiotic and unbalanced auto-matching
  • Pay-to-win tactics are widely used
  • The online community is fond of trolling

Graphics and Sound 4

Controls 5

Gameplay 4

Lasting Appeal 5

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