Modern Strike Online: PvP FPS

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Modern Strike Online: PvP FPS review

There’s a cornucopia of first-person shooters stylized as Counter-Strike, and every single one of them attempts to take the mobile gaming market by storm.

So is M.S.O. - another ambitious wannabe doomed to leap into oblivion? Or maybe it has something special to show?


Despite its modest size – roughly 220 MB – the graphics can boast of high quality and tear-jerking (in a good sense) detalization. For instance, in one of the locations – which apparently is Moscow’s Metro – you can observe a subway station map with readable titles and directions. It’s even good enough for studying Moscow’s geography!

The authors did careful research on weaponry – either you hold a handgun or an assault rifle it’ll have all the details necessary including a lower receiver, flash suppressor, etc.

The same praise goes to the animations – forgive me my blasphemy but they aren’t any worse than those utilized in legendary Counter-Strike 1.5. At least the hand moves and gun-cocking look plausible and not clumsy at all.
The real pain in you-know-where is the Fps lags. This game must’ve been designed in Russia since the picture tends to freeze whenever your device gets too hot. Luckily it’s fixable thanks to customization.

The core of the Modern Strike Online

Clearly, this game drew inspiration from CS – I can feel that old-school vibe!
It has a number of modes:

  • Team match – wipe out the rival team.
  • Deathmatch – every man for they self (in this land we be gunnin').
  • Defuse - deactivate/protect a bomb.
  • Duel – basic PvP.
  • Special Ops – two teams, no respawns. The last player standing brings victory to their comrades.
  • Hardcore – every weapon deals double damage.
  • Private game – just have some fun with your friends.

What is truly commendable is the eagerness of the dev. team to provide gamers with as much comfort as possible.

You can:

  • Tweak the graphics, making them less demanding.
  • Change controls, switching off auto-aim.
  • Select one of the many languages.
  • Make your own weapon skins etc.
  • Now that’s what I call a game for people, not advertisers!

No wonder the game has an active fan-community with clans and tournaments – the latter by the way is a marvelous way to earn some extra in-game currency.

Speaking of monetization… No, I’m not gonna complain about the ads – game devs need them to propel the further evolution of the game. The only fly in the ointment here is, by far, the high prices put on top-tier weapons.

Players who obtained such weapons become undefeatable in a very literal way and if your opponent has a fat pocket – the agony of defeat is unavoidable. That kinda reduces all other positive aspects of the game.

Another aggravating anomaly has shown up in the latest update: as soon as you hit the 30th level, the opponent matching becomes heavily unbalanced. Quite often you’ll have to deal with a tougher player equipped with the best ammunition, and it’ll give you a feeling that you’re being deliberately sent to slaughter like a defenseless lamby.


We have here classic FPS controls with a rotation/movement wheel, jump/crouch buttons, etc. As I have said before they are customizable which is a huge plus, but I personally prefer using an analog controller.

The Sentence

M.S.O. is definitely undercooked by now, but I can see how hard the authors are trying to make it better with every update. This game has a chance to become one of the biggest mobile shooters in the world.


  • It’s pure fun! Gorgeous graphics
  • Wild customization
  • It runs even on old, decrepit devices


  • No offline
  • Pay-to-win features
  • Unbalanced matching after the 30th level

Graphics and Sound 5

Controls 4

Gameplay 5

Lasting Appeal 5

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