Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS

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Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS review

A decade ago Crysis and Far Cry 2 were issued, becoming an instant commercial and critical success. Experts, gamers and journalists seemed to be tireless at praising these games, especially their “marvelous visuals”. And how much drama there was around technical requirements! Especially concerning video cards (in the pre-bitcoin era).

Today we have a shooter 2 times more spectacular and detailed than those two games. And it runs on a device a bit bigger than your wallet.

MC 5 begins a new era in the mobile game industry.


The fantastic, stunning, and breathtaking graphics of the game are its biggest strength. Here you have everything you need in a shooter: detalization, reflections, shades/lighting, bullet time, and even particle effects.

The beauty of the settings deserves to be immortalized. You start out in Venice and I swear I could hear in my head a gondolier singing “O Sole Mio” while pulverizing terroristic group members.

The combination of a phenomenal picture, voice acting, realistic physics, thrilling soundtrack, well-directed cut-scenes and buildings collapsing on you carry your imagination away. I speak with candor: only a few PC games managed to pull such a trick on my mind.

The core of the Modern Combat

FPS is a very conservative genre and it’s difficult to come up with something new in it. There’s a bunch of bad guys, an evil ultra-boss and that’s it. All you need is to be a quick marksman and the victory is yours.

This game has the best visuals and the most elaborate storyline among all mobile FPS’s but its script looks a bit pale in comparison with the “full-scale” computer shooters like CoD, Far Cry, or Battlefield.

However, the game retains the most crucial component that any successful shooter needs – fun. If your device is powerful enough you’ll spend hours at the Modern Combat until you see the end credits.

You need to know that this game doesn’t work if you have no Internet connection, even in the campaign mode. To compensate for this they canceled almost all in-app purchases (except for the character-classes), generating profits mainly from the ads. That means you may hustle for experience, in-game cash, etc. all you want.
The game offers player-classes:

  • Sniper,
  • Assault,
  • Recon,
  • Demolition exp.,
  • Support,
  • Morph X1 etc.

I like them because they are:

  1. Customizable,
  2. Allow you to use your unique talent,
  3. Make you stand out from the crowd.

Each class has distinct weaponry and other perks that can be unlocked either through patient experience-gaining or through payments (wink-wink).

The only major nuisance about the game is the lags & bugs. It can kick you from a match, start reloading on its own or make you freeze unexpectedly in the middle of a skirmish.

The online matches allow team clashes, up to 6 members each. However, some players may shamelessly resort to the pay-to-win tactic.


It’s the weakest part of the game. It takes a virtuoso to manipulate it. You have fire, reload, and aiming buttons on the right and movement on the left, and the ergonomics are just torturous.

These controls make your fingers tired pretty soon which may affect your online results negatively. The only way to resolve it is to connect an HID or MOGA controller to your gadget.

The Sentence

So far it’s the King of the Kings in the mobile FPS world. But I’d rather play Call of Duty on a real PC.


  • The best visuals in the mobile FPS genre
  • An intricate plot
  • It provides you with tons of fun


  • Online connectivity is a must
  • Terrible controls
  • Bugs & lags

Graphics and Sound 4

Controls 3

Gameplay 5

Lasting Appeal 5

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