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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang review

Perhaps you remember how DOTA started out. It was a humble Warcraft Frozen Throne map that created a new genre in the gaming industry – “Multiplayer Online Battle Arena” or MOBA for short.

A decade (and a couple of court hearings) later we can see a dazzling carnival of MOBA games: LOL, Overwatch, SMITE, and so on, and so forth. Mobile platforms haven’t remained untouched either.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is another ambitious attempt at creating a mobile DOTA, so let’s see if it’s truly worth your attention.


The graphics of the game are pretty good-looking. I mean they are colorful and juicy, and their quality is acceptable, but… I had a strong feeling that I was playing with the plastic toy figurines. It feels like this game has a comic book/cartoonish vibe.

The models of the characters, although done quite professionally, look somewhat childish and infantile. The Vainglory’s creators took a more serious approach towards character design, in my opinion, and that earns their game a more solid reputation.

So far it looks like a low-priced version of LOL, which considering a mobile device computing power is forgivable. But still, there’s something to work on.

The Core of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

It is a MOBA-game at its finest. You have three lines of defense, through which you must break, an armada of creeps to be slain, gold to be earned, items to acquire and two mega-monsters, lurking somewhere in the forest.

Okay, here’s what I like about the game:

  • Heroes are balanced, more or less – it means that if you form your assaulting party strategically correct you do have chances to be triumphant;
  • Although it’s just a mobile game, the hero classes (mage, tank etc.) are calibrated satisfactorily;
  • Every hero gets a part of the bounty from the slain creeps, but the one who did the fatal blow earns more;
  • One of the mega-monsters called “Lord” will resurrect after you defeat him and fight for your team causing death and terror;

And what I dislike:

  • Auto-aiming – sweet mercy it’ll make you fly into a primordial rage! Especially if you are a tactician by nature. The thing is it hits automatically a hero with the lowest HP. ALWAYS! It might affect your playing strategy negatively.
  • Introductory tutorial – quite a useful thing, hands down. But you can never skip it.  It is aggravating if you already are acquainted with the game’s nuances and just have to reregister.
  • In the latest version, you can log-in only after you have achieved the 8th level. I’m speechless.
  • Terrible matchmaking algorithm – a newbie can be offered to fight against a well-experienced top player.
  • The game works sluggishly online, even if you have a great Internet speed. And don’t get me started on how it gets frozen sometimes in the middle of a match.
  • Payable content – hero upgrading takes way too much time and energy, but it can be sped up at the cost of $100-130.


Controls are surprisingly good. At least I didn’t experience any difficulties with them, except for the cursed auto-aiming. They must’ve been copied from the Vainglory or something.

You make your hero move his tush with a standard joystick and attack by tapping. No brainer really.

The Sentence

This game is good for occasional playing, especially if you need to rest your brains. But the odds are high you won’t become its life-long fan and have it deleted at one point due to exasperation.


  • The apk download is free
  • You get to play with real people
  • Runs on Android and iOS


  • Bugs and lags
  • Obvious money extortion
  • Auto-aiming
  • Infantile anime-styled graphics, etc

Graphics and Sound 4

Controls 4

Gameplay 4

Lasting Appeal 3

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