Castle Crush: Clash Cards Game

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Castle Crush: Clash Cards Game review


When you see a name that contains all these words in such a combination, you may unwillingly remember something you’ve already seen and maybe played. And if you download Castle Crush to see whether you were right, your suspicions will find a perfect confirmation. Yet the game is quite worthy, especially if you are of those wishing “the same but a bit different”.

Graphics and Sound

If the gameplay mimics Clash Royale (it shows the very moment the game starts), the graphical part has just one significant difference. The game is landscape-oriented, so tablet users may appreciate it even more than the original. The rest seems to be transferred from CR very delicately. It shows both on the war ground and in the menus between fights.

Though your units may have different names, their prototypes are easy to recognize. But it’s no reason to expect an Asylum-styled secondary product. The game looks and sounds very impressive, even on Retina displays intolerant to any graphical flaws. Your trolls, archers, ballistae, skeletons, golems, and other earthly and otherworldly warriors look, move, and fight with great spectacular potential.

Story Plot

The game is based on castle defense mechanics. Your castle stands against your opponent’s. You both need to destroy the other castle and protect your own from complete destruction, so you send your troops or cast spells to one another. The game requires a constant connection because your opponent is selected randomly.

The selection of units is card-based. In the beginning, you get the basic set of cards, each one assigned to a certain unit (Warrior, Archer, Skeletons, Golem, and so on). A card can unlock its unit or be used for its later upgrade. During the battle, you are dealt your cards from a shuffled deck.

Each card has its value in crystals. You spend your crystals each time you deploy a unit, and, as time goes, your crystal bank is refilled. You need to select what unit to deploy during the battle and what to put against your opponent’s forces.

For your victories, you get rewarded with chests that may contain gold, gems (necessary to accelerate processes) and cards. Some of them are common, some rare, and some exclusive. When you collect more cards than your usual deck can contain, you’ll need to select those you’ll need before the battle starts.

If the plot is so low-rated, it’s mostly because of its secondary nature. As for balance and variety of units, it’s quite alright.


The best thing that can characterize controls is that you just don’t think about it even when you play Castle Crush for the first time. Tap icons in the menu, drag your units from the deck to the battlefield, and that’s all. Yes, this fulfillment is secondary to you-know-what-game too, but it’s all well done.


Easy as can be in the beginning, the game gives you no time to relax after that. The opponents of equal rank may have better experience and better deck, so, if you’re just beginning, you may have no chance to stand the battle, again and again. We’d recommend you opening some silver chests as soon as you receive them, sparing no gems, and getting all the upgrades you can grab. It evens the odds a bit, so you can make some real competition before you gain the experience.


Yes, it’s a clone of Clash Royale. And yes, it’s a high-quality clone, with its only flaw being it. The rest about this game is fine: graphics and sounds, connection, stability, all about how it’s done. If the developers bothered to introduce more innovations than just switching to horizontal display, it would have been great.



  • Good graphics and sound
  • Various units and spells
  • Opponents are found quickly
  • Overall quality is quite decent


  • After all, it’s just a clone

Graphics and Sound 5

Controls 5

Gameplay 5

Lasting Appeal 5

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