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Boom Beach review


A base-building strategy, Boom Beach sends you into an archipelago, a heavenly place in the middle of the war. You’ll need to fight the infamous Blackguards, liberate the population and make your base stronger and greater. Sounds familiar? Right. But it’s about how it’s done, and Boom Beach is nearly perfect at that.

Graphics and Sound

When it comes to detailed base-building games like this, you need to dive into the atmosphere and feel the immersion. Boom Beach introduces you to the world you’d like to dive in literally. Tropical beaches, sea, and jungle create a spectacular background for raids and defense. If you want to enjoy the view in detail, you can just zoom in with a conventional pinch. And we recommend you do it every time a new building or unit is introduced, just to appreciate the designers’ work.

So are the sounds. Characters only mark their speech with some indistinct exclamations, but it’s enough to color what’s written. Sound effects are also good, as they recreate all the combat sounds with a bit of simplification, but it works.

Story Plot

There must be a big war going on but there’s a small fragment of it your team is responsible for. You land on an island that would have made a piece of heaven and turn it into a military base. First, you just follow the instruction, with little freedom of choice, and then build it as you want, but (as usual) with equal care for production and defense.

The game is full of cultural and historical references. When the commander says “we’ll fight the enemy on the beaches”, it logically refers to the famous speech by Churchill. The enemy captain speaks his threats about capturing our base, and we can’t help remembering “all your base belongs to us”. And so it goes.

As you build your base and train troops, you become able to attack nearer islands and (if you succeed) liberate their inhabitants from Blackguards. The liberated islanders will reward you constantly, and you will get the loot as well. It helps you to make your base greater, construct more buildings,s and reach greater power.

At some level, you activate diplomacy. So you can join alliances, attack opponents in cooperative missions, and discuss it all in a built-in chat.

It sounds quite usual, like many other base-building strategies, but there is some fascination with Boom Beach, the kind that makes you keep playing it even when your eyes are closing. Maybe it’s about the script, full of references and irony, and bringing some sense into the eternal story of Us the Good and Them the Bad.


The game requires no complicated gestures or external controllers. It only utilizes taps on specified spots, so you won’t have to learn it at all. Maybe that’s the best thing about any sort of game, not specifically strategy.

It works equally well on tablets and phones, except for compact ones with the smallest display. By the way, you can seamlessly play on two or more Android devices, and your progress will be synced through your Google Play Games.


Thank the developers for not making the tutorial levels so annoyingly easy, with no options to step left or right! In the beginning, there’s little room for mistakes or wrong decisions on development. But, as you progress, you need to keep the balance right, neglecting neither military nor industrial development. It may be harder than it seems because enemy bases grow stronger as you venture further offshore. But it never grows unplayable, and even though purchasing some gems will speed up your progress, you definitely don’t have to.


If it’s not among the best base-building strategies, it must be one of the most fascinating, like an action movie set up in the tropical islands. The game is well-balanced, well-drawn, and well-written, and maybe that’s why it’s well-installed. Over 50 million players have been enjoying it only on the Android platform, iOS out of the count, and most of them seem quite satisfied with it. So, if you want to see the reference base-building game, download Boom Beach and enjoy it.



  • Great graphics and sounds
  • Script is written with some irony
  • The game keeps the balance of difficulty right
  • Many players always online for you to join or oppose


  • At high levels online battles lack balance
  • If you don’t want to pay, your pace will slow down

Graphics and Sound 5

Controls 5

Gameplay 5

Lasting Appeal 5

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