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Bloons TD Battles review


Tower Defense is a very special genre. Usually, it’s dressed in military uniform, serious and tight, with cannons and machine guns to wipe out enemy infantry running to your citadel. That’s not the case with the light-minded Bloons series. You protect yourself from balloons (or, OK, Bloons), flying to you. And your assistants are monkeys eager to pop the Bloons. While previous installments were strictly TD, with you on the defending side, the Battles offers you a two-sided battle, with both opponents both protecting and sending Bloons.

Graphics and Sound

The idea of the series is in making the genre light-minded, opposite to the military esthetics some other developers prefer. The graphical style, from environments to fonts, seems as light as a balloon filled with helium. Being the developers’ style of choice, it works well, and the game feels childish at its best. Pure fun, with a little place to do some thinking.

The pleasant part is customizing your Bloons, so they look unique. You can deal with them for long, making them up the way you like. It can be useful, because on some tracks your Bloons mix up with the opponent’s ones, so you need to tell one from the other. And it’s not the only reason to pay attention to the visuals.

Story Plot

Tower Defense games are built on the same principle: you need to protect your citadel from attackers that follow the same route. So you position stationary defense towers on their way, to shit them while attacking. If your towers are powerful enough, you’ll win.

It’s almost the same in TD battle, but you protect your citadel and attack the opponents at the same time. That’s the case with Bloon TD Battles.  You send your Bloons to reach the citadel and position your monkey towers to pop the enemy Bloons.

The game offers 27 different battle tracks, a lot of modes (Battle, Assault, Defensive, Card Battles), upgrades for virtually anything, and an achievement system. You can enrich your experience by purchasing paid content, like more cash, but it’s not completely necessary.

The setting is so openly absurd that it doesn’t even invent any story to justify what stupid things you’re involved into. The only explanation is an imitation of some other game. But who the monkey needs it?


The best praise controls can have in games like this is being obvious. It’s quite alright with Bloons TD Battles: you activate your Bloons to send to the enemy, you drag your defense objects to plant them where you want, and you navigate menus with no place for misunderstanding.

Even dated devices (say, manufactured in 2014) react swiftly and provide zero latency as you send Bloons or build towers. If they’re not the cheapest, of course; we only speak for A vendors.


Despite its light-minded looks, the game is not easy to master. Of course, it depends on the opponent you receive randomly, but generally, TD is not the simplest class. So you’ll need to make a decision every second: whether to spend your cash on defensive monkeys or on more Bloons, whether to buy costlier Bloons to receive more reward, and so on. The game takes quite a bit of thinking, and it’s one of its biggest pros.


If you’re new to the Tower Defense genre, this one may seem too complicated for you, despite balloons and monkeys. But fans of this type will appreciate its richness in an object to send or build, its upgrade system, and mode variety. We’d recommend entering Bloons world with some local TD games, and when you get familiar with it, you can download Bloons TD Battles and discover new aspects of it online.



  • Not so easy as it may seem
  • Many elements to master
  • Pleasant design
  • Useful tutorial at the beginning


  • Too specific style for its genre
  • Opponents get too random
  • Video ads

Graphics and Sound 5

Controls 5

Gameplay 5

Lasting Appeal 5

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