Drawing And Technology

Wondering why you should draw when you have so much work to do and such great gadgets in your hands? Why resort to old school style of pencil and paper to bring out that creativity in you?

Well, you have options. There are computer programs that enable you to draw on the computer - with or without the mouse. With the mouse is how it all started and people found it very easy as one could draw and erase any number of times, without wasting paper.

 There are many courses and tutorials to help you learn and master the various drawing tools available on the computer today. One can even download the latest tool and learn to use it by watching the tutorials online.

Try New Drawings

When you are drawing, it is always better to take inspiration from daily activities and things you see on a regular basis. This is because your brain will remember these images better and will make it easier for you to recreate it at a later point.

As you explore your drawing talents, you are bound to stumble on a new talent or liking. This gives room for more experimentation and creativity. When you are trying out different materials and techniques, you tend to continue drawing, rather than quit and go back to your busy schedule. Experimentation with new items and ideas keep it interesting.