How To Start Drawing

If you are keen about drawing and don’t know where to start, here are a few tips:

  • Take a pen and paper and try doodling. This is easy as you need not draw anything that is recognizable or makes any sense
  • Once you are comfortable doodling, try drawing some shapes or things in front of you. Start simple; try the window, the front door or the decoration at your office
  • Once you are comfortable drawing small easy images, go for the bigger ones. Focus on details and try to recreate the patterns as much as possible
  • Getting beyond this point may require some formal training or if one is a natural artist, just a little more time and dedication can do the trick
  • If you are keen on improving your drawing skills, you can enroll yourself into the numerous drawing courses that are conducted in various locations around your city. If you can’t attend them in person, you can always sign up for online classes. One can sit at home and attend these classes half way across the world
  • Start practicing what they teach you at classes. You will be taught about different materials, techniques, strokes, etc. Try different materials and techniques to find where your hidden talent lays

Once you start drawing, ensure you never stop as practicing it continuously will make you a great artist